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Retail clothing store for ladies & children

Posted January 19, 2014 by

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Retail clothing store for ladies & children Riva is a unique brand for ladies and kids wear, defined by combining bold colors with artisan details and fresh modern silhouettes. Riva’s collections allow a mix of Eastern and Western inspirations, presenting a unique look with a sophisticated appeal. The outstandingly creative collections are full of fun elements which allow every woman to express themselves through a beautiful world of colors, patterns and themes by respecting all cultural boundaries. Riva operates in a niche market and differentiates itself from any other high street European label through its internationally appealing collections. Riva was launched in 2001 in The Fashion Capital of the World, Paris. Later on, Riva added a new group of collection for kids known as Riva kids & Riva Teens, in 2005 begun to launch handbags and accessories. In 2007 Riva started growing throughout the Gulf region like in UAE, Bahrain, KSA and recently In Qatar.

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