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Is My Child Watching Pornography Online?


Being a good human, at anytime if we think about the people who are buyer or customer of online porn our mind reflects that they would be adults. Internet gives access to lots of pornographic sites to its users. Now it’s very rare that there is any teen or tween who have not seen online porn. Every teenager is supposed to see some kind of porn at least once.

How Many Children Are Watching Porn?

Research shows that 90% of teens and tweens of age 8 to 16 access pornographic sites and watch porn. Not only teenagers and tweenagers, there are boys of age 12 to 17 that are big buyers of pornography. It’s like a best drug for youngsters. The number of teens watching porn is really disturbing. Every year’s research is made and the number of kids is increasing every year rapidly. The latest research shows that kids access these sites first time in the age of 11. This is shocking, but not much because it is a common practice as internet easily provides access of these sites.

Easy Access

Everyone knows that internet provides easy access to pornographic sites, teenagers easily open them and everything is in their hands. For some sites they have to pay money but most of the sites are free to access. Kids can find pornographic stuff easily everywhere on internet. All they have to done is just a mouse click, and then they can enter the world of porn. They can download it easily on their smart phones and can watch it anywhere.

How to Know If Your Child is Watching Porn?

As a parent, you know whether you child is accessing these sites or not?  There are some signs which help you to know if he is accessing or not.

If your child has attraction towards sex in an early age it may be a sign that he watches porn. He may show and sign of sexual activity. As those pornographic sites that are not free, want money through credit card so if your child ask you for your credit card you can think that he is accessing something wrong. Such sites have virus, if your computer is suffering from virus it’s and alarm for you. Your child’s behavior may also change; all these signs show that he is accessing pornographic sites.

If you saw such indications it’s a warning of danger for you. You should see internet history of your child.

Suspicions of Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is a major problem which should be taken under consideration. Research shows that in America 9 to 10 percent of people hurt from sex addiction. Now our children also have full knowledge of sex due to pornography. There is no innocence in child of this generation. Parents take too much stress when they came to know that their child is addicted to pron. Parents should have the knowledge of pornography so they can save their child from it.

Nicki Marie II