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FOOD Reviews

Stick House – Wakrah

Delicious Ice Cream on a stick dipped in your choice of chocolate and other toppings! Stickhouse is the ice cream shop specializing in homemade ice cream on a stick : a product of the successful, original and above all natural.

Capricci – Italian Natural Gelato

Decades of experience in the production of Gelato to made the best natural gelato of Doha. All our products are handmade, with raw materials (fruit) without any others chemical product such as base, paste, readymade product and...

The Village

Inspired by the natures 3 major components of Freshness of Green Farmlands, Tranquility of the clear Blue Oceans of Mediterranean and sparkles of the Fires of the Orient, the Village has re-created a vibrant ambiance that radia...

Samak Al Mufazal (previously known as Best Fish Restaurant)

   Seafood restaurant specializing in Arabic as well as international dishes. They also have a branch in Al Gharaffa.

Saffron Lounge

  An Indian restaurant that takes you on a journey through India, presenting different dishes from the various regions of the country. The deep red interior reflects the spicy flavours of the Indian dishes, preparing guests for...

El Cigar Lounge

  Relax & spend quality time with friends in El Cigar Lounge. A luxurious interior Cuban themed music and wide selection of Cigars are available whilst enjoying sumptuous light snacks and canapés, enjoyed with a special sel...