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Do’s & Don’ts

Do :

  • Attest your marriage certificate if applicable by Qatar embassy in your country .
  • Attest your education certificate by Qatar embassy in your country
  • Get police clearance and attest by Qatar embassy in your country .
  • If you have a doubt about your health condition, it is advisable to check your self for TB, AIDS , Hepatitis C, B because Qatar will not issue a work permit if you have any of these illnesses.


  • Bring alcohol, drugs or pork when you come to Qatar .
  • Wear tight fitting or revealing clothing. Qatar is an Islamic country and while all cultures, nationalities and religions are well received it is in good taste to respect the local culture and religion.
  • Restrict beach wear to the beach .
  • Public displays of affection should be very limited and are generally frowned upon. Hand holding is an acceptable displays but anything over this can lead to arrest.
  • Do not shake hands with women unless it is initiated by them. Also, do not take offense if anyone refuses to shake your hand as it is a religious practise.  If a person is not going to shake hands they will generally hold their hand to their heart upon greeting.
  • Never shake hands with your left hand,  or offer anything with the left hand, always use your right.
  • Never sit with the soles of your feet facing anyone as this is very insulting.
  • Never sit with your back to guests and should someone enter it is customary for everyone to make room for them to sit.
  • Drinking in public is strictly forbidden and should not be transported in your car other than transporting home when purchasing.
  • Modesty is observed during the Holy Month of Ramadan. During this time it is illegal to eat, drink and smoke in public and may result in arrest.
  • There is zero tolerance in Qatar for both drinking and driving and drugs.
  • Take notice to your hand gestures and language. Some things which are acceptable in your home country can lead to arrest and fines. Be civil and respectful in all circumstances.
  • Do not take photographs of people, especially women without consent.
  • Do not take photographs of governmental facilities as this can be frowned upon. It is illegal to take photos of any defense facilities, which are scattered throughout the city.