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Salata Park

  A park in Salata, Doha, Qatar  

Aspire Park

  Aspire Park is a park located in Aspire Zone, Doha, Qatar. It covers an area of 88 hectares, and it is Doha’s biggest park. It is a great place to have picnics and family outings, while overlooking the Aspire Tower, esp...

Dahl Al Hamman Park

  A beautiful park in Qatar with a playground for the kids.

Aqua Park

Aqua Park Qatar, the first ever theme park in Qatar is built on an area of 50,000 sq. meters of action-packed water fun. Featuring a mammoth play area, the giant 2,000 galloon tipping bucket, enormous 4 storey high water slides...

Landmark Cinema

A cinema inside Landmark shopping mall

The Mall Cineplex

A cinema in Qatar with the latest showings located inside the Mall Qatar.