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Aspire Park



City: Doha
Address: Aspire Zone
Country: Qatar




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Great restaurants, beautiful, kid friendly


cannot do sports, too strict dress code

Posted May 14, 2013 by

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Aspire Park is a park located in Aspire Zone, Doha, Qatar. It covers an area of 88 hectares, and it is Doha’s biggest park. It is a great place to have picnics and family outings, while overlooking the Aspire Tower, especially at night. The park has different features as well such as beautiful fountains, playgrounds for children, and other fun features. It has the only lake in Qatar, a small hill which can be a good venue to bond with one’s family, a coffee shop where different kinds of beverages can be bought, and various kinds of trees, both rare and common.





    For me it’s the only place in Doha where I feels good – of course apart from the guards who are snippy and surly. I love the unusual trees growing there so different from those in European parks. This is unbelievable that the lack of leaves shrubs and trees give such a fabulously fragrant – I think this is the charm of ,,Arabic climate,,. For the first few days strolling in the park I really belived that the intense me bird singing was real ! Today I know it comes from the speakers but I found it is very relaxing. I love all of these ducks and swans there – children got really good fun with them . Even me I can not resist myself do not feeding them and hook & loop and yet I m ,,big,, girl now. Fried corn tastes sensational just coffee is a little expensive. Besides this place is great for a Friday picnic or playing with children or just for simple walk after work to ,,recharge batteries,, for the next day.



    I really love this park as it is really perfect for family and friends bonding moments. The only this is that it’s very far from our flat so rarely we could go there. But other than that I used to recommend to my friends to go there when we used to plan a picnic.





    A decent place to go for brisk walks. Although I can already see large developments of burger restaurants and other restaurants. I sincerely hope this will not get in the way of people trying to lose weight.




    but on the contrary It is a rules put by people who manage the park, so it is good to respect that. As you know we are in Muslim country and there are certain things that should be followed, like dress code and so on.just we need to respect…


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